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Monday September 5, 2011
Listed: July 11, 2011

Long Term Wildlife Conservation Program in Israel

Category :: Israel
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Located in the Arava valley, the mission of Wildlife Reserve is to establish reproduction groups for populations of wild animals that are mentioned in the Bible; but have disappeared from the landscape, as well as for other endangered desert animals. The reserve is dotted with Acacia trees and includes a variety of desert habitats: an Acacia forest, a salt marsh, and sand dunes. The reserve has three parts: a three-acre penned-in open area, where herds of herbivorous animals live in conditions similar to those in the wild; the Predators Centre, where reptiles, small desert animals, and large predators are on display; and the Desert Night Life Exhibition Hall, where night and day are reversed so that visitors to the reserve can observe nocturnal animals during their active hours.

GoEco volunteers will join the Wildlife Reserve staff with its on-going conservation and animal care work.

During the project, volunteers will become an integral part of the staff at the Wildlife Reserve. Duties include:

Preparing food and feeding animals
Cleaning and maintaining reserve facilities
Observations and data collection,
Accompanying & assisting park rangers
Constructing enrichment facilities
During the summer long-term volunteers may be asked to lead short- term workcamps of 10 volunteers at the preserve.

Min age 18 - Max age 40
High level of independence
Basic English
Good physical fitness
Motivation to work with animals
Able to work in harsh desert climate
Able to handle extreme heat from June - September
Full travel & medical insurance
4-8 week program
For More Information:
Jonathan Gilben
6 Agripas St.
Tel Aviv
[email protected]
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