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Monday August 1, 2011
Listed: July 11, 2011

Volunteer in Israel - Mountain Eco Lodge

Category :: Israel
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Situated on one of the highest peaks in Israel, the Nimrod Mountain Eco Lodge is an impressive center for eco-tourism and experimental bio-farming. The Lodge sets an example of modern sustainable living on the rugged Golan Heights using down to earth techniques such as grey water systems, construction from recycled materials, natural insulation and bio-farming. The Lodge is in the process of creating a living and working eco community for people with special needs.

GoEco volunteer will be involved with the daily tasks of running the lodge and bio-farm.

As a volunteer you will address and overcome the challenges involved with running and developing the Mountain Eco Lodge. Volunteer tasks will include some of the following:

Physical work: ecologically minded building, daily maintenance of the Eco Lodge, cleaning, cooking, bio farming and picking crops (spring - autumn).

Office work: answering phones and emails, hosting guests from around the world, website translations and writing texts for promotion.

Participants are invited and encouraged to bring their own special skills to the project. There is plenty of room for innovation, so whether the volunteers' specialty is a trade skill, web design, yoga, painting, botany, or virtually anything else, there is room at the eco lodge for them to add their own personal touch to the program.

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Min age 18 - Max age 60
Conversational English or Hebrew
Good physical fitness
Strong work ethic
Motivation to do physical and demanding work
Full travel & medical insurance
For More Information:
Jonathan Gilben
6 Agripas St.
Tel Aviv
[email protected]
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